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Take care of the earth
Laughing in the bedroom is okay as long as you do not point fingers
You make me happy
Wealth can be happiness, love is
Age doesn't matter unless you are a cheese
Don't neglect the little happiness while you are waiting for the big one
To be an angel is typical female work
We are all like angels with only one wing. But together we can fly
Calories are small animals that eat my clothes at night
People with both feet on the ground do not hang on trees
There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs
You are so beautiful and lovely
A friend in need is a friend indeedBetter late than neverWhere there’s smoke, there’s a fire The end justifies the meansDon’t close the barn door after the horse runs awayDon’t put all your eggs in one basket All’s well that ends wellPictures for childrenPictures of childrenPictures for grownups Pictures with sayingsDon’t judge a book by its coverFunny pictures for children and grownupsBeginning is half done Necessity is the mother of inventionUnconventional picturesMotives by Marianne Hougaard Marianne HougaardPictures by Marianne HougaardGood eating deserves good drinking Motives by Marianne HougaardThe head and feet keep warm, the rest will take no harmDoubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom Damned if you do, damned if you don’tPictures with English texts by Marianne HougaardMisery loves company A penny saved is a penny earnedNothing ventured, nothing gainedActions speak louder than words Blood is thicker than waterAll’s fair in love and warAbsence makes the heart grow fonder An apple a day keeps the doctor away - if you can hit himMisery loves company The most beautiful dreams are dreamt with your eyes openThe light isn’t worth the candleThe acorn never falls far from the tree All roads lead to RomeAll things come to those who waitExperience is the best teacherActions speak louder than words Nothing ventured, nothing gainedAs you make your bed, so you must lie in itIt’s no use crying over spilled milkBeggars can’t be choosers A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushHaste makes wasteCubics by Marianne HougaardMarianne Hougaard pictures on wooden plates




Cubics - Pictures on wooden plates.

Some of the very nice and charming pictures on wooden plates by Marianne Hougaard are now also available with English texts.

The pictures which measure 14x14 cm. are glued on 16 mm. plain MDF-plates and they are not equipped with holes for hanging. Refer to the Danish page for suggestions on how to hang the pictures on the wall - or simply place them in your window sills, on your shelves or on table easels.

The pictures are delivered individually wrapped in plastic foil.

We don't normally carry these pictures in stock but they are usually available from our supplier within one week

Price DKK.: 49,00 each.

Weight per item (incl. packing for shipment) for calculation of shipment costs:

285 grams.

On the Danish page you will find a lot of pictures without text, and these pictures (and all other articles on this website) are of course also sold and shipped to the UK.

Our web system will only accept payment with the Danish credit cart "Dankort", so payment from other countries is only possible by bank transfere.

Please send us a request either by using our Contact Formula or by using our e-mail address (located at the bottom of this page), and we will send you an offer with price and delivery time.

Unfortunately the shipment costs to the UK are very high as they are calculated by weight according to shipment rates from Jan. 1. 2017.
We will always find the most favorable shipment - either PostNord or GLS, both of which always have destribution included in the rates.
Delivery time between from 2 and 5 days.

Additional all bank fees (p. t. DKK. 40,00) for payment with foreign currency are the buyer's expense.

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